This is a legacy website,  as a tribute to Pico Metal Products ( Since 1919 ! )  and Pico Electrical Equipment.   In 2013,  Pico sold its assets to PioneerCEP and they continue to do business at the 10640 Location.

Pico Metal is a full service sheet metal fabricator with a 40,000 sq ft facility ready to serve your needs. We service a wide variety of wholesale houses and OEM with quick turn sheet metal products. Lead-time currently 1 - 2 weeks.  Ou Trumpf Laser cutter makes complex hole patterns and cutouts a snap. Now add a weld robot cell and Pico can handle repeat jobs even quicker. A modern, clean, well lit, 40,000 sq ft facility is one of the key ingredients that allows Pico to remain at the head of the pack in the highly competitive sheet metal market.